How can I track down my stolen phone/iPhone?

How can I track down my stolen phone/iPhone?

How can I track down my stolen phone/iPhone?

Finding a lost phone number is usually not straightforward; however, finding a stolen mobile phone or iPhone is more challenging. However, there are procedures that can assist in locating both the device and the subscriber number.

If you only need to find the phone, not the phone number, you can use satellite transmission facilities or specific services offered by mobile phone companies. To assist you and your loved ones in locating a lost or stolen mobile phone, you need to install a specific program on the phone that allows you to track it through satellite from another device.

You must install the remote tracking software and test its functionality. The program will display the mobile phone's current location on a map. The veracity of the numerous conditions determines the correctness of the location's specification. Remember that installing such software on someone else's phone without the owner's consent is both unlawful and banned.

At the same time, if you are the proud owner of an iPhone, you will have an easier time finding it.

What actions should I take to make the iPhone's search easier if it has been stolen or lost?

'Find my Device' is a function.

It is suggested that you activate the 'Find iPhone' option on your iPhone or iPad as soon as you purchase it.

  • To begin, ensure that the geolocation feature is enabled in your privacy settings (Settings -> Privacy -> Geolocation).
  • Then, in the system settings, go to the iCloud tab and enable the 'Find iPhone' function. Of course, this approach does not protect you from theft, but it can substantially simplify the search for a stolen iPhone, especially, determining the position of the iPhone or iPad.
  • However, a thief with experience in gadgets, in addition to picking and stealing, can quickly disable this setting, depriving you of the opportunity to find the iPhone. Setting a password for the iPhone's unlock is recommended to make life difficult for a thief.
  • How do I track down the whereabouts of my stolen iPhone?

    Variant 1: To find the iPhone's position, go to and use the 'Find iPhone' Web application.

    Variant 2: Launch the 'Find iPhone' app on any iOS device. If the iPhone has already been registered in the iCloud service and has Internet access at this time, the program will display the iPhone's location. If the iPhone does not have Internet access, you can enable e-mail notification of the device's existence on the Internet.