What does PRISM stand for?

What does PRISM stand for?

The U.S. government started the PRISM program, which is a top-secret program for gathering personal information from internet users. The PRISM program covers all internet users, not just those in the United States. More than one-third of Americans believe the government should not have access to their private data without their permission, according to the PRISM program.

Although we don't have all the details of the PRISM program, we do know that some of the world's largest corporations participate. We are currently unable to build a countermeasure to the surveillance that is or may be taking place on us.

How Does PRISM Work?

As previously stated, this is a highly classified program. Only a wild guess as to how they get access to a person's private information may be made by tech specialists. We all know that hackers are capable of obtaining information, thus the government can do the same. The government, on the other hand, does not need to hack in order to spy.

Servers are owned by companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. These servers hold all of your personal data. Imagine how simple it is for the government to get their hands on your personal information. Based on PRISM revelations from The Washington Post, the NSA is currently monitoring all online activity. PRISM gives the NSA the ability to monitor domestic conversations as well as foreign communications.

We need to examine the corporations that give our personal information to third parties. ' Government and business officials deny any involvement, which further complicates matters. If the government asks for our personal information, we know that companies must comply with the law. A major issue is that they don't ask for our approval first.

Do I have to worry about my cell phone as well?

The Metadata of your phone calls, rather than the actual call, is most likely what the NSA has access to. The person you called might be able to find out where you are. Using Skype, though, is another matter. It's possible that they have access to Skype's servers, so they can listen in on your calls or watch your video chat sessions whenever they want.